Over 39 million Christmas trees throughout the United States will be sold from lots this year.

Earn Extra Income Selling Christmas Trees!

Would you like to earn $10,000 to $15,000 plus every December? You can do it by operating your own Christmas tree lot in your area. Even in a bad economy, people are willing to pay good money during the Christmas Season, often spending $100 to $200 on a Christmas tree. Considering the tree lot operator pays $15 – $20 plus per tree, that’s a very good profit margin.

More than 39 million US families plan their Christmas traditions around a real Christmas tree. That means that a lot of real trees will be sold this year starting around the end of November. More than 72% of people will buy their tree from a retail lot.

You can earn your share of the profits in this industry and make up to $25,000 plus per Christmas Tree Lot. I’ve coached other Christmas tree lot owners who started with one lot and now operate 10+ lots. They are now bringing in more than $250,000 in profit a year—even though they have only been in business less than five years!

If you’re a “newcomer” to the Christmas tree business, we understand that sometimes all of this information you’re requesting from Christmas tree growers can give you “information overload”. This can leave many important questions (such as “what does FOB mean?” or “how many trees should I order?”) unanswered.

Most Christmas tree growers and wholesalers have no idea how to retail trees. It isn’t as easy as just buying a tree for $15 to $20 and selling them for $60, $70, $80, or more.

So, in addition to growing and marketing fresh quality Christmas trees, let us help you with our many years of retail experience.

If you have any questions, or just need some more info, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

I’m here to help you.

Don’t be intimidated by the fact that you know nothing about selling Christmas trees. I do. That’s what I’m here for. To help you eliminate the guesswork, and do it right the first time.

I’ll show you:

  • how to find, secure and set up your lot
  • what type of location works best
  • what equipment and supplies you need
  • what height and species of trees should you buy
  • which trees sell better and for more money
  • how to hire and train staff
  • how to price and tag your trees for maximum profit
  • And, much, much more!